The Safe Place to Find Your Voice

Photo of Gail teaching a studentJust deciding to find a teacher to help you with singing skills is a very brave decision for most of us. I am so proud of anyone who walks into my studio. You all have different goals when you open my door. Let me tell you a little of what I look for. First of all, a prospective student does not have to have any skills at all. I have taught people who are truly tone deaf and those who have tremendous talent and look forward to solo careers; AND I HAVE ENJOYED THEM ALL! When you come to me, I want to know what you want to achieve. I then listen to your voice so I know what some of the issues are. Then I tailor each lesson to your particular voice. My job is to help you achieve your goals. I have to admit I love to hear a new student come in and know that I can open up to them the joys of singing.

Student Experiences